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Transtig 300AC/DC

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Transtig 300AC/DC
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Transtig 300AC/DC

The TRANSTIG 300AC/DC is a 415 volt, full digital control, AC/DC stick/Lift TIG, HF TIG power source. With features like high frequency start, lift arc start, up/down slope, welding program save/recall, pulse on AC or DC, repeat (latch) function and spot mode, you've got the ultimate unit designed for precision TIG and MMAW of stainless steel and other DC weldable materials.

Lift TIG, HF TIG (GTAW); Stick (MMAW)

Supply Voltage
415 volt, 3 phase, 50/60Hz

Current Range
5 – 300 amps

Duty Cycle
25% @ 300 amps (GTAW 40°C)

Recommended Generator
16 kVA for max. welding current

Power Source Weight

210 W x 420 H x 450 D mm

Part Number: 700723