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WeldSkill 250

WeldSkill 250
WeldSkill 250
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WeldSkill 250

The WeldSkill 250 is a single phase compact power source designed specifically for handymen or tradesmen that require high quality welding performance. This constant voltage power source is rated at 250 amps @ 25% duty cycle and provides excellent arc performance with solid or flux cored welding wires. The unit is suitable for use with either C02 or mixed shielding gases

Part Number:W1003400

Input Voltage 240 VAC (+/-15%), 50hz
Generator Requirements 15 kVA
Output Current Range 50- 270 A
Rated Output Duty Cycle 250A @25%
Power Source Mass 100 kg
Plant Dimensions H 880 x W450mm x D985
Plant Contents WeldSkill 250 power source, Wheeling kit (fitted), Welding torch(4M), Work Lead (3M), Operating Manual, Spare Torch Consumables, Spare Feedrolls