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Fume Extraction Torches

MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch RAB Plus
Fume Extraction Torches
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MIG/MAG-Fume Extraction Torch RAB Plus

During all welding work, pollutants are formed which influence human health.

The clean solution - RAB Plus:

  • Fume extraction torches RAB Plus make effective extraction of the pollutants possible
  • Construction solutions guarantee a high degree of effectiveness - extracting where the pollutants are produced
  • Greatest possible protection for man and the environment
  • Air-cooled from 150 to 300 A
  • Liquid-cooled from 270 to 550 A
  • Optimum torch cooling - high endurance
  • Time-saving torch neck replacement thanks to ABICOR BINZEL's central plug

ABICOR BINZEL-Welding Torches incorporate the high quality and technology needed for trouble-free performance whatever the welding job. All the torches have been thought through down to the last detail and guarantee exact and comfortable work.