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Spare Parts & Accessories

Spare Parts & Accessories
Spare Parts & Accessories
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Spare Parts & Accessories

For best results …

… in the welding process - last but not least responsible are professional accessories . Ideally matched they form the basis for functional safety and a long service life. Qualitatively high-grade welding accessories increase the performance and reliability of your torch. Don't leave anything to chance in your pursuit of perfection. Rely on original welding accessories from ABICOR BINZEL.

Anti-spatter-spray, silicone- und solvent-free
Anti-spatter protection agent, silicone-free especially for robotic applications
Super-pistol-Spray, silicone-free
Düsofix, anti-spatter protection paste

Gas measuring tube
Cleaning felt
, for steel and aluminium wires

BTC-15 coolant, for all liquid-cooled welding and cutting equipment, frost-resistant up to minus 10 C°.

MIG- and TIG-Handy-Support (FIX), support device for torches

Special-cleaning pincers (FIX), for gas nozzle cleaning

Special spanner, for current nozzles, nozzle connection, electrode replacement etc.

Accessories case

Tungsten electrodes, according to DIN/EN 26 848