Sri Lanka

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Services(CSS) is a vital link in our value chain. Our fully trained CSS Engineers regularly travel to all parts of the Island to inspect our customers' equipment and provide unique advisory services on machine application and component life to help them achieve optimum usage and maximize the return on their investment.

Customer Support Services Engineers regularly conduct awareness programs ~ Cat CareĀ® meetings to educate customers on Preventive Maintenance and Repair Before Failure options.

These Engineers will help you in preparing maintenance budgets, spare parts requirements and advise you on equipment fleet management.

Under our regular schedules for On-site machine & engine inspections anywhere in Sri Lanka, we provide reports on service options and recommend appropriate Product Support programs at no extra cost to our customers.

Maintenance Agreements...
We offer a range of Customized Preventive Maintenance packages, which helps to control your equipment maintenance cost whilst ensuring that it performs at optimum levels.

  • Value added service (Free to customer)
  • Team of qualified engineers (mechanical and electrical)
  • All-Island coverage allocated to customers
  • Free inspection and technical advice
  • Fast solutions to Customer parts and service needs
  • On-site training
  • Awareness of all merchandising programs