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Warranty & Customer Service Agreement

One Partner for Complete Equipment Management Solutions

Running your operation as efficiently as possible gives your business a competitive advantage. By partnering with Caterpillar ® , you gain the tools and expertise for complete equipment management solutions to keep your generators and machinery running at peak efficiency.

Flexibility to suit your needs. United Tractors offers a variety of agreements and will work with you to develop the one that best suits your operation. Two main types, Preventive Maintenance Agreements and Total Maintenance and Repair Agreements, can be customized with a multitude of services — from scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance to before failure overhauls.

All Cat Customer Support Agreements are designed to fit the specific needs of your operation, your equipment and your applications. There are no preset requirements or services that you must agree to buy. Instead, your Cat dealer will analyze your current service capabilities to determine the type of agreement that is best suited to meet your needs.

A Customer Support Agreement (CSA)

Custom designed specifically for you – is one of the most convenient and affordable ways United Tractors can partner with you to manage your risk and control your costs. While CSAs go by many names and cover many aspects of maintenance, repair and power system operation, they have one primary goal: to free up valuable time for you to focus on what you do best – managing and growing your core business.

Why choose... A Customer Support Agreement?

  • Increase availability by using highly skilled technicians
  • Increase productivity with comprehensive Caterpillar inspections designed by the people who designed your equipment
  • Simplify budgeting
  • Improve asset and cash flow management
  • Guarantee use of high-quality, genuine Cat parts for peak performance
  • Reduce the need for in-house service facilities and reduce cost of employee training
  • Lessen the need for costly diagnostic tools and parts inventory
  • Permit convenient scheduling of service

Power when you need it. Coverage that's right for you. ESC from Cat

Whether your application is prime power, standby or load management, you can protect your electric power system with Extended Service Coverage (ESC) from Cat Insurance. Available anywhere in the world, your ESC provides 100 percent of usual and customary parts and labour costs for system failures due to defects in materials and Workmanship on covered components. Extended Service Coverage extends beyond your generator set. Your entire integrated electric power system – including Switchgear, Automatic Transfer Switch and Uninterrupted Power Supply – is eligible with Extended Service Coverage.

UTE offers a variety of coverage terms – up to ten years. There are several options available so you commit to the level of coverage that meets your specific needs. Silver coverage includes a wide range of covered components, and you can have confidence that repairs will be done by trained professionals who use genuine Cat parts. Gold coverage includes all the same items as Silver, as well as turbochargers, fuel nozzles and injectors, and water pumps. And for complete confidence, your Cat Dealer offers Platinum coverage. This includes all original factory equipment with Cat part numbers, excluding consumables such as filters, hoses and belts. Your Cat dealer also offers Advantage ESC. With Advantage you don't have to be the original owner and your equipment doesn't have to be brand new to obtain coverage from Cat Insurance. Whether you're the first owner or the latest, Advantage ESC includes a wide range of covered components that will provide protection for your investment.

Why choose... Extended Service Coverage?


  • Three types of coverage to meet your needs for new equipment
  • Advantage coverage for used equipment
  • 100 percent protection from failures caused by defects or workmanship
  • Available worldwide


Customer Support Agreements


Detailed inspections by highly skilled technicians

All scheduled maintenance performed

Labor and travel costs

Use of genuine Cat parts, fluids and filters

S•O•S Services and interpretation

Component repairs


All unscheduled repairs, including wear out, with no exclusions, limitations or deductibles

Extended Service Coverage (New Generators)


100% of usual customary parts and labor costs for engine failures due to
defects in materials and workmanship on covered components

Turbochargers, fuel nozzles and injectors and water pumps

All original factory equipment with Caterpillar part numbers