Sri Lanka

Welding Electrodes & Wires

CIGWELD has an extensive range of high quality welding consumable to suit every application; from the smallest household to heavy Industrial Application. Covering Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Engineering & Automotive sectors.

General Purpose/Mild Steel Electrodes

E6013 welding rods with high quality and safety standards for general fabrication work

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Low Hydrogen Electrodes

E7018 welding rods for X-Ray quality, high tensile welding applications.

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Hard Facing Electrodes

Cobalarc range provides required hardsness quality for maintenece applications.

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Stainless Steel Electrodes

Cigweld Satin-chrome range provides the best quality & appearance for every industry and a variety of applications.

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Cast Iron

Nickel based Cast craft range provides high tensile industry applications.

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