Sri Lanka

Rehabilitation and Reengineering

UTE Projects Private Ltd

Wholly owned subsidiary of United Tractor & Equipment (Private) Limited.

Our Principals...

  • Bombardier Transportation GmbH of Kassel, Germany, successors to Adtranz – Daimler Chrysler Rail Systems (Deutschland).
  • Zeppelin Baumachinen GmbH of Germany.
  • XiangFan Rail Vehicle Manufacturing Factory – China.


We are focused on ……

  • Railway Engineering
  • Special Projects


UTEP is…

  • The largest supplier of Diesel Locomotives to the SLR to date.
  • The only organization in Sri Lanka to have successfully completed Locomotive rehabilitation and re-powering for the SLR


Record of new units sold to SLR

  • 45 units W1 class, 1200 HP Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives powered by Paxman 12YJXL Engines
  • 16 units M6 class,1600 HP Diesel Electric Locomotives powered by GM 645E series Engines.
  • 3 units Motor Inspection Trolleys manufactured by Xiang Fan Rail Vehicle Factory of China.


W1 Class Locomotive 1600 HP - M6 Class Locomotive Working 'Uda Rata Menike' at Nanu Oya Motor Trolley at Kadigammuwa Station
  • One of 3 Motor Trolleys Manufactured by XiangFan Rail Vehicle Factory of China supplied to SLR

Rehabilitation and Re-powers carried out for SLR

  • Rehabilitated 10 nos. 1100 HP Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives by re-engining with 1260 HP Caterpillar 3512 DITA engines, Voith L500rzU2 Transmissions, Krauss Maffei control systems etc:
  • Re-powered 4 nos. 1600 HP Diesel Electric Locomotives with 1800HP Caterpillar 3516 DITA engines


Before & after


  • One of ten W1 class Diesel Hydraulic 1100 HP Locomotive of SLR rehabilitated with 1260HP Caterpillar DITA engines & Voith L500rzU2 Transmissions.


Before & after


  • One of four M5 class Diesel Electric 1600 HP Locomotives of SLR re-powered with 1800 HP Caterpillar 3516 DITA engines.


Performance of UTE Rehabilitated & Re-powered Locomotives

  • 10 units re-habilitated W1 Class Locomotives- Engines – Caterpillar 3512 DITA, 1200 HP.
    Transmissions- Voith L520rzU2/KB360
  • Performance- a significant feature of the rehabilitation was the increase in power and the addition of Dynamic Braking capability to the Locomotives, making them ideal for upcountry operations of the SLR.
  • The Locomotives have accumulated over 422,000 service hours to date.


Maintenance of Locomotives

  • UTEP is the only private sector organization in Sri Lanka to have carried out Major Maintenance, Heavy repairs and running maintenance of locomotives outside the Sri Lanka Government Railway Workshops.


The Holcim Fleet handled by UTEP

  • 1200 HP Diesel Electric Main Line Locomotive – Model WDM – 6.
  • 530 HP Hunslet Shunting Locomotive.
  • 3 Nos. 240 HP Deutz Shunting Locomotives.


WDM-6 Undergoing Major O/H at Puttalam Cement Factory of HLL

Railroad Operation

  • UTEP is the only private sector organization in Sri Lanka to have carried out a complete private railroad operation for Holcim Lanka Ltd.
  • UTEP completed a 2 year contract hauling limestone from HLL quarry at Aruwakkalu to their production facility at Palavi, a distance of 42 Km meeting the entire requirement of limestone for the planed production in the factory.