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Donaldson is the leading worldwide provider of filtration systems for heavyduty equipment and engines. We have a history of innovative solutions for air and liquid filters; exhaust and emission control products for gas and diesel engines; in-plant air cleaning systems and specialized applications such as computer disk drives, aircraft passenger cabin and semiconductor processing.

Liquid Filtration Solutions

Changes in emission laws and new technologies are placing ever increasing demands on filtration systems. Today's diesel engines run at higher temperatures and require optimum filtration performance. Donaldson's complete line of liquid filters are designed to meet the needs of the engine application. With greater efficiency, more capacity and long service life you get maximum engine protection. You can be certain that Donaldson filters will perform in the most demanding environments.

Key Filter Design Criteria

  • The right media choice
  • The right combination of efficiency, pressure drop, and loading
  • The right balance of efficiency, durability and capacity
  • The optimum performance and capacity
  • The optimum performance and service life
  • The right configuration

Donaldson Filters Deliver

  • Increased engine protection
  • Extended service intervals
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Optimum fuel efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance

Air Filtration Solutions with durable products that protect engines and control maintenance costs.

Donaldson designs and supplies most original equipment air systems, so our replacement filters are designed to meet or exceed original equipment standards.

  1. Heavy-duty lines
    Corrosion resistant, coated steel liners support the filter media during operation and maximizes
  2. Radial seal filter seals
    Radial Seal filters slip easily on and off the outlet tube during installation and service.
  3. Proprietary filter media formulations
    Tested in the lab and proven in the field.
  4. Beading
    Applied to both inner and outer liners, beading is designed to stablize the media and prevent pleat tip wear.
  5. Axial filter seals
    Strong, pliable gasket ensures a leak-free seal when properly installed. The gasket won't harden or deteriorate over the useful life of the filter.
  6. Pleatloc media spacing
    Ensures uniform pleat spacing, keeps filter media from bunching during operation and promotes longer filter service life.
  7. Filter end caps
    Designed to protect the filter media and provide structural integrity.

What makes Donaldson air filters superior?

Donaldson has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy duty engine air filtration since 1915. research and product development have been key to Donaldson's air filtration success.

Throughout the world, we provide a full range of air filtration systems for use in transportation, construction, mining, agriculture, defense, light vehicle, compressor, and industrial applications.

A typical diesel engine requires more than 8,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel it burns.

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