Sri Lanka


UTE reaches for the Sun

To produce more energy from Revolutionary Cat® Solar Thin Film Technology

Caterpillar, recognized for its global expertise in power generation solutions recently launched through their exclusive Sri Lankan dealer UTE, its new state-of-the-art advanced technology solar panels. As a company in the forefront of power generation, Caterpillar has successfully integrated renewable power solutions to its product portfolio. UTE being motivated by Sri Lanka’s President to contribute towards the country’s vision of energy security has taken bold steps to introduce the Revolutionary Cat® Solar Thin Film Technology which will produce more energy than currently available solar solutions.


UTE is one of the first Caterpillar dealers in the world selected to launch the Cat Solar product range. The launch event and the unveiling of the solar panels - a first for the region - was attended by distinguished UTE clients and a host of professionals from the country’s energy sector. Electricity plays a key role in the economic and social fabric of any country. However, more innovative solutions are imperative to ensure better power quality and grid stability. While Sri Lanka has achieved grid connectivity of over 98%, which is commendable by South Asian standards, to cater to growing demands and progress towards self-sufficiency in energy requires a farsighted vision to capture the full potential of renewable energy and other indigenous resources.


With this understanding, the Government recently embarked on its implementation of a community based power generation programme ‘Soorya Bala Sangramaya’ (Battle for Solar Energy) to provide affordable, high quality and reliable energy for all citizens. “UTE which was formed in 1947, is the first company to introduce power generation and diesel power generation to Sri Lanka and we are the market leaders. Further as a responsible corporate entity we have to look into options other than conventional sources of energy. Due to Sri Lanka’s location in close proximity to the equator we are ideally suited to harvest solar energy. We are firmly committed to harnessing this renewable energy with the emphasis on new technology.” noted Prasan Fernando, President of UTE.


The Caterpillar Solar PV uses cutting edge Thin Film technology and is manufactured using Cadmium Telluride instead of the conventional silicon based cells, resulting in the Caterpillar panel generating an additional 10% specific annual energy yield. The Panel is fabricated from seamless toughened glass offering a higher strength, durability and better aesthetics. “As a Cat Dealer we are confident that the Caterpillar Solar PV panels will contribute immensely in the change towards our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels, delivering clean sustainable power,” said Murad Jayah, Product Manager – Renewable Energy. The environmentally friendly solar panels are designed to reduce fuel expenses, lower utility bills, decrease emissions and increase energy efficiency in even the most challenging environments.


Adrian Constable, Caterpillar Electric Power Division, Asia Pacific Microgrid Manager addressed the large gathering on the key distinguishing features and advantages of the Caterpillar Solar PV panels.

UTE also showcased its own research carried out over a period – a comparison between Cat panels and a premium competitor brand. Results depict Cat panels generating an extra 10-15% boost of daily power when compared to the competitor panels.


“For larger companies this will be a great opportunity to reduce their costs and become carbon neutral. They can earn an income by renting out their roof space or even investing in solar power generation similar to mini hydros and selling the energy produced to the government,” added Murad Jayah.


UTE having the expertise in providing Engineering Solutions for almost 70 years and working with Cat which has over 90 years’ experience, provides a 25-year warranty on its new solar panels herald a superior solution for power generation in the country. As a reputed supplier of reliable energy solutions for various business needs, the company’s product portfolios also includes Cat Diesel Power Generators,  marine and industrial engines and related engineering services. UTE’s experienced team of highly qualified engineers are unmatched in assisting companies’ in their power generation requirements.

Adrian Constable, Caterpillar Electric Power Division, Asia Pacific Microgrid Manager addressing the gathering


Unveiling of the Caterpillar Solar PV