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FS Curtis Air Compressors

In response to increased demand for energy efficient machinery, United Tractors and Equipment (UTE) added the FS Curtis range of industrial air compressors to its portfolio and currently markets Rotary Screw type and Reciprocating Air Compressors. Widely recognized as the pioneer in the global air compressor industry, FS -Curtis built the world’s first reciprocating air compressor in 1897. Since then, it has continued to act as an innovator, building many unique product features which have resulted in highly efficient air compressors.


Although a US brand, with its headquarters in Missouri, FS-Curtis has a global production and marketing footprint, with 11 facilities in Germany, Taiwan, India, China, Vietnam and Brazil. FS Curtis is manufactured to proven American technology, in 11 countries world- wide under ISO 9001 and 14001 certification standards.


A heritage of over 150 years of proven technology, reliability and quality now backed by UTE’s unmatched experience in product support.