Power Generation: Cat Diesel Generators

4 years extended service coverage.
Cat® Generators, continuous power at work and at home. Call hotline 0771407070.
From 20 kVA to 3000 kVA.


UTE offers the widest range of international standard Diesel power generator solutions to all Sri Lankan industries to cater any Power requirement. The most power dependent institutions such as hospitals and 5 star hotels rely on Cat power and we are proud to play an integral part in Powering and Energizing Sri Lanka’s journey forward.

We have proven our reliability and capability continuously over a long period of time. The Cat Generator range starts from 20kVA and provides different ratings and options to best suite your requirement. Coupled with our capability in providing customized engineering solutions we provide a highly value added product to satisfy your needs.

1. Integrated Power systems
2. Latest Combustion technology
3. Advanced electronic controls for top fuel efficiency
4. Prime/Standby or Continuous power
5. Low Emissions with highest standards met

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